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Bailey-WWI-Bridge-in-cagemast.jpg (337136 bytes)

photo of the open bridge in 1918 era.

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Restoration Photos Former Crew Members

Deck photos

   Aerial Photos at the Battlegrounds

  Dry-dock 1988-1990  

1/24 th scale model of the 14" turret. 

  Photos taken from 1914-18

  Ship Builders Model

  Navigation Bridge

 Engine Room.


 Boiler Room.

Deck Plans

 Foundation Memberships

 Other Rooms Below Deck

  Hard Hat Tour  


The photo below was taken in 1934.

In the foreground is the USS Constitution. 

The two Battleships are the Texas and the USS New York.

constitution-full.jpg (230542 bytes)

click on photo to see a LARGER image.

Photo provided by Chuck Moore. 

This photo was taken between Jan, 1941 and Aug,19 41.

One of eight color photos that Chuck Moore has located.

1992.0169.4.jpg (148875 bytes)

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To see a Deck plan Drawing Click Here

For more details check Chuck Moore's web site - click here....

Or visit Tom Scott's web site for a photo tour on the Battleship Texas.


Note: USS Texas BB35 was the second ship to have the name USS Texas, the other three

are USS Texas built in 1895, USS Texas CGN-39  and the current USS Texas SSN775.


We ALL need to start helping our troops........ click on the photo !


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