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Former Crew Members of the Battleship Texas BB35


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Click on the picture above and see if you can identify this handsome gentleman 

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 Towards the bottom of this page we have built a Command and Division Chart - 1945 era

 By clicking on the different divisions you will see pictures of that division that have been sent to us (the web guy) by former crew members of the TEXAS and in some cases the Family members of former crew members. I wish to thank those of you who have shared your pictures and your stories with all of us.

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This section has been requested and is appreciated, but it can only grow if you submit your story!

Let us hear from you. 

The photos are divided into the various ship's Divisions  

Click one the one below to go to that Divisions Page







Commanding Officer













Executive Officer







        Master at Arms                














Medical Officer


Engineering Officer


1st Lieutenant


Gunnery Officer


Supply Officer


Communications Officer



H Division Medical


M DivisionMachinery


R Division   -  Damage Control/Repair


F/O Division Gunfire Control, Radar


S Division Cooks,Stores,Laundry


C-3 / CC Division     Yeomen / Postal Office


N Division     Quartermasters / Buglers



B Division  -  Boilers


R Division -  Band


1st Division  - Turret #1


      S Division      Stewards


C-1 / CS Division Signalmen


L Division   -  Lookouts



A Division   -  Auxiliary Machinery


R Division  - Bosuns


2nd Division  - Turret #2




C-2 / CR Division Radio





E Division  -   Electrical Equipment




3rd Division  -  Turret #3













4th Division    Turret #4













5th Division Turret #5













6th Division  

5"/51 Gun Battery













7A Division  

3"/50 Gun Battery













7M Division 20mm & 40 mm Guns













V Division Aircraft













Marine Detachment







Below are links to some very interesting photo collections provided to this web site

by former veterans and their families. Well worth your time and effort to explore!

Crew members who's division could not be determined. Mr. Edward Somers Jr. photo collection 1914-1919 era. Mr. Robert Kittel photo collection 1927-1931 era.
Mr. Charles Hylton's photo collection 1914-1918 era & WW1 Crew Roster Mr. Harold Bailey photo collection 1914-1918 era. Collection of photos of various Artifacts and documents
   Mr. Matthew Tiffany photo collection

1921-22 era



If you have a question regarding the Ship's Crew Roster, send it to the Ship's Historian 

Mr. Rusty Bloxom at Raymond.Bloxom@tpwd.state.tx.us  (281) 479-2431 ext. 238


The records aboard the ship only cover WWII. Records prior to WWII are at the National Archive.


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