A Message from Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz , USN

Welcome aboard the Texas! Here in the shadow of the great monument to the heroes of San Jacinto, you are standing today on the decks of a great fighting ship — the battleship which bears the name of the state whose independence was secured on these hollowed grounds.

By demonstrating the fighting spirit of Texas to our enemies in two world wars, this gallant ship has proved worthy of her name. Neither the Germans at Normandy, nor the Japanese at Okinawa, will ever forget the weight of the guns, nor the courage of the crew of Texas.

Texans are proud of the privilege of providing a snug harbor for the old “T”, and preserving her as another symbol of Texas greatness. it is particularly fitting that her final resting place be adjacent to these historic battlegrounds where so much of the Lone Star state tradition was born.

As Admiral of the Texas Navy, I am proud to have the USS Texas under my command.

Chester W. Nimitz

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