The ship, as you will see during your surfing this web site, has a vast amount of History. Yet nothing on a web site can match seeing this ship with your own eyes and walking on her wooden deck. When you walk through this ship, you will see many things that cannot be described in a book or shown in a picture. You can only get a total FEEL of the ship by being there in person. Several of our guns are able to be moved and operated by our visitors. When you are sitting on one of our 40mm guns and hand cranking it to track a passing plane you can get a feel for what it would have been like in the past to do so for real. (click below to hear a 40mm gun) 

Our ship is designated a National Historic Landmark, also the home of several historical pieces such as the Engines which are the last of their kind. A plaque is on board to mark that the Engines are National Historic Engineering Landmarks and are a must see when you come on board the ship.  

We offer guided tours (on the weekend) with personnel that are very knowledgeable of the TEXAS and about her history. As you walk with them, they will be able to point out and explain many different things about this magnificent ship. They will also be able to pass on to you the many first hand accounts of events that took place aboard which have been recorded from many conversations with former crew members. They have shared with us what it truly felt like to be aboard the ship on D-Day or to see the Invasion on Iwo Jima. We are very fortunate to have their first hand accounts.  

This ship is like no other still afloat. Completed in 1914 during the height of the Dreadnought Era, when it is said that battleships were at the pinnacle of their careers. This is the Last Dreadnought era battleship still afloat in the world.  

For those of you who would care to spend the night on board the Battleship Texas take a look at the Sleep Over page to see if you are eligible.  It is an exciting and educational experience. 

I thank you for visiting this fine ship and hope you enjoyed the experience.

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