Photo Collection 1914-1918

U.S. Marines stationed aboard the Texas.

Crew waiting on deck for permission to go swimming.

Launching the ship’s Steamer.

Texas band playing while in port in Galveston Texas.

Battalion aboard the boats.

Battalion on deck wearing field packs.


The following is a partial crew roster during WWI. Its partial due to the fact of crew members transferring on and off the ship during WWI

Letter of Congratulations to the crew of the USS Texas

Mr. Roosevelt’s visit to the USS Texas

USS Texas winning Baseball team

USS Texas crew providing entertainment.


Leave ration book

The caption on this photo is Painting the side of the Texas. Note the planks they are sitting on……..

When the Texas was built the Bridge area was open with only a canvas canopy for a cover. Not an ideal place during rough weather on the North Sea. It was later enclosed for obvious reasons.

Before Radar and computers this “Range Finder” was used to determine the correct distance to the Target.The sailors in this photo are unknown.

The 3rd and 4th Divisions Landing party in Scotland

The USS Texas Band over in Scotland.

The look on the sailors faces says it all.

The photo above and below show the crew bringing on Coal for the Boilers. From 1914 when the Texas was built until her refit in 1925 she burned coal for the boilers. After 1925 she was converted to Fuel Oil for the boilers.

This photo shows the men moving a torpedo aboard the Texas. The Texas was capable of firing torpedo from the time she was built until 1925 when it was removed

American fleet on the North Sea.

The Fleet in the North Sea.

USS Texas at sea.

The caption below this photo is ” members of the advisory board observing 14″ elementary target practice”.

This is a group of Officer aboard the Texas. I have not found the names of these gentleman as of yet.

Sea Bag Inspection aboard the Texas.

Captain Blue during a Saturday inspection aboard the Texas.

Captain Victor Blue

Commanding Office of the USS Texas

Victor Blue, Captain, USN 

(14 Aug 1916–31 Dec 1918)

The caption on this photo says the first Texas gun to fire on submarine.

From the time the Texas was built in 1914 until her refit in 1925 there were 3″ guns mounted on top of the two cranes.

The caption on this photo says 5 inch gun loading crew.

These sailors are in the process of loading the 14″ shells aboard the Texas.

The forward turrets and this shows the Range Clock at the base of the forward mast.

This shows the aft cage mast behind turret #4 &  #5. The sailor in the photo is unknown.

This photo is of the #1 turret. These are 14″/45 caliber gun MK. 1 & 12The USS Texas was built with Mk. 1  14in/45 cal. guns in 1913.  In late 1944 she was refitted with Mk. 12 gun.

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