About Me

I am originally from New York, but my parents moved to Texas when I was young. Growing up in the state of Texas one of the things that have fascinated me was the Texas BB-35.

I must confess that the first time I toured the great battleship with my dad I was immediately fascinated by the interior and the military installations. After the first visit, I was certain I was going to see the museum ship again.

That childhood marvel was part of the inspiration that led me to become a historian. I studied a lot of American history with a special focus on wars. My admiration for the Texas BB-35 jumped by a quantum as I analyzed the great role it played in the WWI and WWII. After over a century since it was commissioned, the great battleship is still fighting a battle which she is bound to lose.

My Belief

I believe that a ship that gave so much to the nation should not be allowed to drown to the bottom of the ocean. Several millions of dollars have already been expended during the cause of the century to keep the battleship afloat. If the ship sinks, all those investments would have been in vain. The government will also have to spend another $30 million to scrap it if that should happen.

The Texas BB-35 served the nation when we needed her the most. I think it is time for us to return the favor. The focus now has shifted from just maintaining the ship by patching up leaks and pumping out water to finding a permanent solution. This has inspired the dry berth project.

The dry berth project is going to come at a cost too. The Battleship Texas will have to undergo a lot of structural modification to be suitable for a dry berth. However, if this becomes a success, it will save the state of frequent expenditures on maintenance.

My Mission

Many people will certainly love to be a part of the dry berth project if they know the history of the battleship and the role it played in keeping the nation in one piece. This website is educational to teach the visitors all they need to know about Texas BB-35.

I also want to use this medium to bring all the fundraising endeavors targeted at dry berthing to limelight so that those that want to contribute to the fundraising drive of the Battleship Texas Foundation will find a way to do so.

My Vision

As a historian, I want to be a part of the ceremony that will celebrate the successful dry berthing of Battleship Texas BB-35. It will really be a shame to lose a great part of our history.

The Future

Every historical monument needs to be preserved for the benefit of the future generation. I want to see Texas BB-35 that tourists can visit frequently without the constant closures and rot the plague the battleship at the moment. I also want to see other veteran battleships properly preserved and open to future generations to see.