“14” Shells”

USS Texas BB-35 is a tribute website dedicated to the great battleship that served America for over three decades. The Battleship Texas is the last of the World War I dreadnought. The ship is fought in WWI and WWII and only sustained one serious blow which led to the death of a sailor and ten crew members.

In this website you will find details of the Tampico incident. This was the first time that the battleship was called into battle. Inasmuch as it had not gone through the entire necessary tests required for a battleship, it did not fail to impress on the Mexican sea.

Battleship Texas had lots of modifications that made it a sea monster at that time. It was the first battleship that had guns that could shoot 14” shells. It also served as a temporary hospital for treating the sick.

After decommissioning, the ship became a museum and plays host to thousands of visitors annually. Standing on a wet dock for so long, the hull of the ship has become corroded by salt water which has led to leaks. In this website, you will find useful information about the maintenance routines of this ship.

The success of the dry berth project is highly dependent on the availability of funds. The Battleship Texas Foundation has been at the forefront of initiating innovative ideas to raise funds for the project. You will find all the different fundraising events and collaborations that the Battleship Texas Foundation has undergone to raise funds for the project on this website.

If you are planning to tour the ship, this website will provide you with all the necessary information that will make your outing memorable.