USS Texas BB-35 is a tribute website dedicated to the great battleship that served America for over three decades. The Battleship Texas is the last of the World War I dreadnought. The ship is fought in WWI and WWII and only sustained one serious blow which led to the death of a sailor and ten crew members.

In this website you will find details of the Tampico incident. This was the first time that the battleship was called into battle. Inasmuch as it had not gone through the entire necessary tests required for a battleship, it did not fail to impress on the Mexican sea.

A Majestic Ship At The Brink Of Sinking Into The Depth Of History

The Texas BB 35

The tale of American exploits during WWI and WWII will not be complete without mention of Texas BB 35. Soon after its commissioning, it made its way to Mexican waters during the misunderstanding between the U.S sailors and Mexican forces that led to the Tampico incident.

Like every metal immersed in water, the 104-year-old Battleship Texas is still at war but this time against corrosion leading to leaks that are threatening to drown the last of WWI era dreadnought.

The Battleship Texas Foundation Partners With Baron Engraving To Save Historic Ship

Over the past seventy years, millions of dollars have been spent by the Texas government to keep BB-35 afloat as she struggles with corrosion of its hull leading to the influx of water that made the ship to tilt to one side.

The Battleship Texas Foundation has is one of the numerous organizations that has expressed concern about the rot of the BB-35. To match actions with words, they have been doing a lot within their power to find a lasting solution to the incessant water leaks into the last WWI-era dreadnought.

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The current corrosion of the steel structures of the USS Texas BB-35 has led to an influx of water at a greater volume than before. Officials have been left with no option but to close the museum ship for routine repairs. The duration of the closure usually varies from days to months. The extensive corrosion of the hull has left…

Why Texas Battleship Will Never Make A Comeback

Whenever there is a debate, sentimentalists are likely to clamor for the return of veteran battleships for service. Inasmuch as the Texas BB-35 has been dubbed the greatest dreadnought of its era, it is never going to make a return. There have been few cases where battleships were recalled for services even after being decommissioned. One of the cases that…

Battleship Texas Sailors Honored At 100th Memorial Of Ship

The Texas BB-35 is 104 years now but the stories of how she aided the U.S. troops in two major wars are still fresh. However, the ship did not do it alone but the stories of the men who steered the ship to glory are sometimes not told with as much enthusiasm. To mark the 100th anniversary of the great…

Satisfying Your Curiosity Of Historic Ship In Three And A Quarter Hours

The last time there was an extensive tour of the Battleship Texas it was between 2011 and 2012. The Volunteer Organization has organized a tour of the Battleship Texas which ran from October through early May.

If you have been curious about what the interior of the 20th Century dreadnought looks like, the equipment, construction, operational history, and innovations, this exclusive tour which has been tagged Hard Hat Tours can help you to satisfy your curiosity in three and a half hours.


If you have any question pertaining the history or current state of the Battleship Texas you can ask and I will do my best to provide you all the answers you need