Hard Hat Tours

The volunteer organization, in concert with Texas Parks & Wildlife, is hosting the Hard Hat Tours scheduled from October through early May. Now you can satisfy your curiosity and take with you an appreciation for the importance of this early 20th Century dreadnought’s construction, equipment and operation, innovations, and operational history. Participants will be able […]

14″ Naval Gun

During modernization in the 1930s, old 14″/45 (35.6 cm) guns were constructional upgraded and the chamber volume enlarged to allow larger charges to increase the muzzle velocity. Marks 1, 3 and 5 became Marks 8, 9 and 10, respectively. The Mark 12 was a further conversion, with chromium plating to increase barrel life. These guns […]


It should be remembered that the USS Texas began her career as a coal burning ship and was converted into an fuel oil burning ship during modernization in 1927. Because she was a coal burner in 1918, she was selected to join the British Grand Fleet during WW1. The fuel oil burning Battleships of the U.S. Navy […]