“Battleship Texas BB-35 was a complex machine at its time.”

Battleship Texas BB-35 was a complex machine at its time. It was the first battleship in that time to shoot 14″ shells. The devastating impacts of the shells shot from the battleship can still be seen on the mountainsides of Omaha beach. The crater left behind is often as large as a basketball.

Battleship Texas was a great inspiration to the American troops during the first and second world wars. Tales of her heroics is still told with great pride in and around the nation. Now 104 years old and struggling for survival, the ship still provides inspiration to the nation in a different way. Some of the ships that were built years after drew inspiration from the Battleship Texas.

While it is sad to know that the hull of the ship has been badly corroded leading to increasing leaks which has prompted constant patches, the scraps that are removed from the ship are now used by many to create incredible artworks worth thousands of dollars.

Battleship Texas Themed Party

:Karbach Brewing Company”

Karbach Brewing Company, one of the most popular craft breweries in Houston has organized a party in honor of the Battleship Texas. This is one of the many creative events across the state that is raising awareness on the state of the ship as well as preserving the precious history of the nation.

The proceeds from the party were given to The Battleship Texas Foundation to help the foundation in its effort to preserve the ship.

The entry fee was a signature while those who made it to the party got the opportunity to purchase collectibles including koozies and shirts.

Craft Knives

“Richardson Knives has made a brand from carving knives from battleships.”

Craft knives made from the steel scraps of the Texas BB-35 is another interesting artwork that is inspired by the great battleship. Richardson Knives has made a brand from carving knives from battleships.

The most interesting fact about this piece of artwork is that is can serve both as a collectible or used in regular day to day activities in the home.

This is another creative artwork that doesn’t only add value to the lives of Americans but also gives every home the opportunity to own a part of history.

1911 Colt Pistol

The 1911 colt pistol which has silver and gold plating is a product of the collaboration between The Battleship Texas Foundation with Baron Engravings. The artwork is sleek and classy and would definitely make a great piece for a collector.

These pieces of arts have helped The Battleship Texas Foundation to raise the necessary funds required for the maintenance of the battleship rather than waiting for a federal fund that may never come.

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